My Soul’s Journey

Answering the Call

I feel blessed. I heard and followed my soul’s calling and became a Soul Coach…a spirit guide here on Earth.  It’s an honor to connect so deeply with those souls that welcome me to travel with them and provide guidance for their journeys.

I bow to the evolutionary impulse arising within me in service to the evolution of humanity.

My desire to bring light and compassion to the soul’s journey has led to the cultivation and sharing of my unique assortment of gifts: attentive listening; grounded presence; intuitive insight; spiritual wisdom; authenticity; humor; tender-heartedness; emotional understanding; and the ability to create a safe space.

Professional Path

Sajit Green, dancing under the sky

The healing power of the arts moved me out of a long depression and inspired me to become a therapist. In 1994 I received a master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy from Naropa University. I soon began practicing as a psychotherapist specializing in somatic approaches, expressive arts, and recovery from trauma. I’ve had the opportunity to work with people ages 3 to 93 in a wide range of therapeutic, educational, and spiritual settings. My most rewarding work as a Licensed Professional Counselor was with survivors of torture at the Rocky Mountain Survivors Center in Denver, CO.

The Divine Feminine has called me to facilitate women’s circles, sacred ceremonies, and workshops interweaving the arts, expressive movement, and spiritual practices to support women’s empowerment.

 In 2003 I became fascinated with the power of the soul to guide our healing, transformation, and awakening. Evolutionary Astrology (aka Soul Astrology) became an important tool in my toolbox because of the profound insight it provides into the soul’s inner workings.

However insight doesn’t necessarily lead to transformation. I came to realize that many people were inspired by learning about their soul’s path but they needed help to move from an intellectual understanding into the deeper soul work they came here to do. Since 2005 I’ve been evolving a unique process of Soul Coaching that helps people consciously and effectively engage their soul-level healing, transformation, and awakening.  This process moves beyond information and insight to a true activation of your Divine plan. 

As a Soul Coach, I’ve seen what happens when waves of stress, confusion, doubt, or fear come rushing in. Everyone experiences these waves from time to time, even when they’re sincerely dedicated to their soul work. When under stress, old patterns can re-emerge, and we tend to forget what we’ve learned about our gifts, soul intentions, and the sea of infinite possibilities that we swim in. Before you know it, you’re no longer in the flow. As a remedy to this forgetting, the Soul Map was birthed in 2018. It serves as an elegant reminder of your path and purpose and helps get you back in the flow.

My Roots

My roots are deep…grounding me in the Earth…bonding me with Mama Gaia.

The roots of my family lineage carry joy and pain…strength…and dedication to survival.

My spiritual lineage flows from Tibetan Buddhism, the mystical Christ path, non-dual teachings, and the impulse to evolve consciousness on this planet.

The ancient beat of African drums echoes in my soul and inspires me to dance!

I bow with gratitude for the lessons, blessings, and nourishment rising up from my roots.

Personal Passages

At age twelve, a deep spiritual hunger emerged from within me. The religion I was raised in felt terribly empty to me, and I rebelled. That rebellion triggered a painful sense of separation between me and my parents, and I became depressed. At an age when many youth go through a traditional rite of passage, I became initiated into a spiritual quest that required me to navigate by my inner compass. Decades later, through my study of astrology, I came to see how this major life challenge was perfectly designed to activate my soul purpose.

In my twenties, I delved into meditation and Eastern philosophies. A wide variety of improvisational movement and body-mind practices brought me home to my body, freed me to express my emotions, expanded my awareness, and strengthened my presence. A visionary meeting with Yeshua in 1987 threw open the doors of my heart and showed me the true meaning of forgiveness. This led to many years of study and practice with A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

Through adulthood, tremendous challenges in intimate relationships prompted tremendous soul growth, as well. Now, with my beloved life-partner, I continue to grow, heal, and awaken within the safety of our “Sphere of We” and the miraculous unfolding of our evolutionary relationship.

In addition to my passion for understanding the soul and assisting in the awakening of humanity, I find great joy and inspiration from mountain adventures, nature photography, expressive dance, and the co-creative process.

I thrive in the high desert air of Taos, NM. Our sacred mountain, endless sky, and magical light stir my soul. I bow in reverence for this land that I call home.

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