The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the Aquarius New Moon

The dawn’s early light comes very gradually, almost imperceptibly, and so it is with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. We are slowly awakening from the dark deep slumber of the old paradigm. This awakening process calls for care-full tending to our humanness as we come out from under the heavy boot of patriarchy, which has been on our necks for thousands of years.

As the Aquarian dawn breaks and our liberation begins to come into view, we also see and feel the many ways that the old paradigm of power and control has impacted our minds, hearts, and bodies. Our liberation doesn’t come suddenly, all at once. There is much to grieve and much to forgive. Suppressed rage needs to be expressed, and our inherent goodness, wholeness and empowerment need to be resurrected with loving awareness.

The Aquarius New Moon (2/9/24) is the first New Moon since Pluto entered Aquarius (1/20/24), and Pluto holds the power of resurrection. Every New Moon is an opportunity for a new beginning, and the promise of this Aquarius New Moon is to illuminate our way forward, into the new dawn, with the brilliance of the Aquarian mind joined with the transformational power of Pluto.

With the light of the New Moon, let’s look at three essential keys to the Aquarian awakening process… Authenticity, Self-love, and Embodiment.

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