Your authentic self includes your body. While who you truly are is more than your body, your body is essential to your human experience, and being grounded in your body is essential to the Aquarian liberation process.

Aquarius is an Air Sign, which means it is working in the mental realms, stimulating innovative ideas, egalitarian ideals, new technologies, and new paradigms. Aquarius can become detached from the body and the emotions, but it’s important to stay connected to the physical and emotional aspects of yourself. You need to stay grounded in your body, so you don’t get blown away or have your circuits blown by the potentially destabilizing, high-frequency energies of Aquarius.

The process of healing into wholeness is supported by working with and through the body. For example, trauma gets stored and stuck in the body, and the healing of trauma is supported by somatic approaches. Feelings we haven’t wanted to feel take up residence in the body in the form of tension, blockage, and disease. Moving and expressing these feelings through the body by dancing, stretching, breathing, and receiving bodywork, allows for the integration of body/mind/emotions into their innate wholeness.

Your body does a lot for you!

Your body is your…


…Anchor into the present moment.

…Source of sensual pleasure, comfort, and relaxation.

…“Truth meter”… your instrument for sensing what is right and true for you.

…Portal to your subtle bodies and can be used to access higher states of consciousness.

…Heart’s vessel.

…Means of reaching out with loving arms to embrace the world.

May you greet the new dawn with joy and gratitude for the gift of awakening and liberation!

May you tend to the dawn with loving awareness.