Scorpio Solar Eclipse

Photo Credit: Charles J. Cox

Tomatoes that got hit by frost hang like heavy water balloons about to burst. Pepper plants that so generously gave us their spicy chiles all summer long are now shriveled and barren. Corn stalks still stand tall and strong but their once flowing leaves have turned brown and brittle and they rattle loudly in the brisk autumn wind.

Death comes to the garden.

In the realm of gardening death is accepted as a normal part of the life cycle and we trust that the garden will rise and thrive again in the next growing season. Right now we are entering Scorpio season, the time when plants die, leaves fall, ghosts and skeletons show up for Halloween parties, and ancestors are honored in Day of the Dead celebrations. It’s a time of turning inward, diving deep, and letting go of whatever needs to drop away so that we can experience deep and powerful transformation.

Death and transformation can be unsettling because they require the release of something. In order for something to trans-form (change form) the old form must die before the new can emerge. But we humans are often attached to things staying the same. The old form might feel comfortable, safe and secure. And even if it’s not comfortable or not really working that well, at least the old is familiar, while the new is unknown and might seem like scary territory.

This Scorpio season you’re asked to go even deeper and be even more willing to change and let go because you’re about to experience two transformational eclipses: A Solar Eclipse (October 25, 2022 at 2 degrees of Scorpio) and a Lunar Eclipse (November 8, 2022 at 16 degrees of Taurus/Scorpio). That means that wherever you have the signs of Scorpio and Taurus in your birth chart those are the aspects of your soul work that are ripe for evolutionary growth. 

In addition to being the realm of death, Scorpio is also the realm of other powerful transformational experiences such as intimacy, sexuality, shamanism, journeys with plant medicine, deep psychological/emotional healing, and the sharing of valuable resources, including money.

Although Taurus is typically the realm of abundance, security, stability, comfort and ease, Uranus in Taurus adds a disruptive energy to the Taurus Lunar Eclipse. Uranus can shake things up in unsettling ways.

Hey hey, ho ho, the status quo has got to go!

Not only is Uranus helping to disrupt the status quo but we also have another powerful influencer contributing to the eclipses… The Venus Star Point just moved into Libra on October 22. The last time the Venus Star Point was in Libra was in the 1770’s. This shift into Libra may help humanity shift out of separation consciousness by focusing our hearts and minds on the importance of co-creating peaceful harmonious relationships between people and between humans and All Our Relations. Click here to learn more about the Venus Star Point.

Your Invitation to Deep Inquiry
As you stand poised on this cusp of transformation consider what you might be ready to let go of in order to live and thrive more fully…

*What aspects of the status quo in your life have become dull and boring, or are bogging you down? You might feel stuck in certain areas of your life. Are you eager for a breakthrough? What might you do to liberate yourself?

*Are there old patterns running in your life that adversely affect your relationship with money or how you navigate the process of sharing money with others? “Shared resources” can include debt, loans, joint bank accounts, gifting, business dealings, and/or being financially dependent or allowing others to be financially dependent on you. What changes would you like to make in this realm of your life?

*How about intimacy and sexuality? Would you like to experience deeper intimacy? Are you thriving in your sexuality and sensuality? Perhaps you’ve experienced trauma in this area of your life and would like to call in support for your healing process. Maybe your sex life is ok but you want to feel more deeply and passionately connected with your partner. What barriers to intimacy are you ready to release?

*What is your relationship to power? Do you think of “power” in terms of “power over” or in terms of “empowerment”? Do you feel disempowered in certain relationships or situations in your life? What will help you reclaim your power?

*On the collective level we are confronted with the fragility of life on Earth… climate change, toxins in our food and environment, gun violence, the pandemic, the threat of nuclear war… The specter of death seems to loom over us. Such profound uncertainty can be very anxiety provoking and you may find it difficult to root into any sense of stability and security.

We are all being called to root into the one thing that can provide true security… True security can only be found in the realm of Spirit. Although the human body and all material things are impermanent, God/The Divine/Source is eternal. You are always connected to Source and held within the embrace of unconditional love.

No matter what happens, your soul will always continue even beyond death.

Right now you’ve got the transformational power of the eclipses flowing into you, supporting and encouraging you to shed the old and move into the new. A change is gonna come! May you ride this wave with clear intention, courage and grace.