Leo New Moon (Part Two): The Lion’s Shadow

What does the story of the old lion (Leo New Moon, Part One) have to do with YOU and the Leo New Moon?

The old lion, the patriarch who’s afraid of losing his power, might remind you of someone that you know personally or in public life, but you may not see yourself in this character. While Leo gets a bad rap for being narcissistic (like the old lion) there are other ways that the shadow side of Leo can show up. We all have a bit of the lion’s shadow in us. Let’s see how Leo’s shadow looks inside you and then we’ll look at how the Leo New Moon can help dissolve the shadow.

Consider this… how do you feel about being seen and appreciated? Do you look to others for approval and affirmation of your worth? Do you try to hide your light under a bushel?

Which of the following statements do you identify with?

“I’m clear about my value but I don’t feel fully seen and appreciated by others.”

“Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m ok and I look to other people for approval and a sense of my worthiness.”

“I crave more attention from my partner or other people in my life.”

“I’m afraid to be more visible… afraid to get too much attention… afraid of being rejected or hurt.”

“I’m really good at putting on a mask and pretending to be what other people want me to be, but I’m afraid to be my authentic self.”

“When I’m feeling small or insecure on the inside, I cover it up by puffing myself up on the outside.”

No matter how Leo’s shadow shows up within you, the Leo New Moon is an opportunity to bring light to the shadow and liberate your radiant lion heart.

A key question is, “Who do you think you are?” Are you merely an ego/personality self? Or are you a magnificent Divine Child of the Creator?  As a soul, you are a unique expression of the Divine and the radiant light that shines through your lion heart is not of your small self. It is the Light of Source that is shining through you now and always.

Like the old lion in the story, you can liberate your lion heart. You are meant to shine like a star… a radiant love star that shines from within because Unconditional Love is your true nature.

Your lion heart is powerful, courageous, playful, expressive, creative, joyful, radiant, generous and appreciative of others. Let your Self shine, and be seen and appreciated. No need to pretend… the world needs your authenticity. You are valuable and worthy simply by virtue of being a child of the Divine. Maybe you can give yourself the attention, appreciation  and approval you’ve wanted from others. It’s safe to step into the limelight and enjoy the applause.

Guess what?
You are grrrreat!
Now let’s go out and dance… and ROAR for the pure joy of it!