Sagittarius Solar Eclipse December 3 & 4, 2021

Wild Horses. Photo credit: Sajit Greene 2021

One day last summer I found myself exploring an area near the border of Colorado and New Mexico. I was feeling the call of the open road. You know that feeling when you’ve just got to get out of Dodge for awhile? I got in the car and headed in the direction of some back roads that I’d been curious about. I’d seen the area on the map but I’d never been there before.

As I drove along a deserted dirt road in the middle of nowhere I noticed a body of water in the distance. Eventually I came upon a sign for a wildlife area and decided to head that way. Water and wildlife go well together.

The road brought me to a small reservoir and yes there was wildlife there… wild horses and White Pelicans! I was thrilled to see the horses but they were not so thrilled to see me. They kept a watchful eye on me and seemed ready to run off at any moment. With no fences to stop them, they were free to go.

Wild horses speak to my Sagittarian soul… they represent freedom… the freedom to roam, to run, and explore far horizons. The bumper sticker for Sagittarius might say, “Don’t fence me in!”

At the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse we’re all called to a greater sense of freedom and expansion, especially the expansion of consciousness. Don’t fence yourself in. Free your mind and open to higher and broader perspectives.

This is the final eclipse in a series of eclipses in Sag. and Gemini. We’ve been under their influence since the spring of 2020 and that influence has not been subtle. In the Soul Map Newsletter of May 2020 I wrote, “It may be hard to imagine people becoming even more polarized however that’s what’s in the stars while the Nodes of the Moon (and the eclipses) travel through Sagittarius and Gemini over the next year and a half. At the same time, the evolutionary impulse is prompting us to let go of self-righteousness, become more open-minded, tune up our curiosity and be willing to listen to other perspectives.”

Reflecting on the last eighteen months, how are we doing? How do you think we’ve been responding to the evolutionary impulse for open-mindedness and curiosity? It seems like the great divide over beliefs, opinions, and personal and political perspectives is still deep and wide. Yet I’ve also noticed that people have grown weary of the divisiveness. The toll it has taken on some of our most important relationships has been devastating. The toll it has taken on our society has been enourmous.

The last eighteen months have illuminated the shadow side of Sagittarius… self-righteousness and dogmatism. We’ve seen how beliefs and opinions can fence us in and wall us off from one another. Divided we fall.Now, at this final Sag. Solar Eclipse, we have yet another opportunity to heal the shadow side of Sag. and free ourselves from the need to be “right”. As my friend Jessica said, “We’ve become too tired to fight… too tired to be right.”

I encourage you to explore the following questions as a way of working with the eclipse energies:

-What aspects of my belief system are up for re-evaluation?

-How have my beliefs been shaped by cultural programming, such as living under patriarchy? …living in a racialized society? …and a classist society?

-What limiting beliefs have I let go of? What limiting beliefs would I like to let go of?

-How do I know what is true? How do I know if an information source is unbiased? How do I access my inner truth meter?

-Is being “right” worth the costs? Is judging others worth the costs?

-What would it be like to approach people with more curiosity? How does the world look through their eyes?

-How might it feel to surrender into not knowing?

-How might it feel to be in a place of neutrality and rise above the battleground?