The Taurus Solar Eclipse (4/30/22) will continue to influence us for the next 6 months.

The earth is changing. You are changing. Humanity is changing. The status quo has been disrupted and the old normal will never be normal again. The rotting old foundation has been rocked and a new foundation is not yet in place. The uncertainty and instability are uncomfortable and unsettling.

“Expect the unexpected” is the theme of these times as Uranus joins forces with the Taurus Solar Eclipse to catalyze even more transformation. Big evolutionary leaps are available, and breakthroughs as well as breakdowns may be on the horizon. A change is gonna come.

There’s a quickening, an awakening happening deep in the heart of matter, deep in the heart of Mother Earth, deep in the heart of humanity, and deep in your very cells.

Love is waking up!

Divine Love is waking up in form.

Uranus and the Taurus Solar Eclipse are triggering a wake-up call. After thousands of years of patriarchal domination, the Divine Mother is re-emerging in human awareness. The call to wake up is also a call to love your Mother… a call to re-member the sacredness of the Divine Mother, Mother Earth, your precious body and the mother-within.
But what does the cow have to do with all of this?

Taurus is the sign of the cow. I know that people usually think of Taurus as the sign of the bull, but that’s yet another example of the patriarchal take-over of the feminine. Taurus is generally considered to be one of the feminine signs of the Zodiac, so why should we assign a male gender (i.e. “bull”) to the Taurus archetype? While it’s true that Taurus can be “stubborn as a bull”, can be afraid to lose its sense of security and thus be driven to accumulate more and more wealth, these shadow expressions of Taurus are not the whole picture.

The more evolved expression of Taurus is like a mother cow peacefully munching grass in a lush green meadow on a warm sunny day while her calf contentedly nurses at her side. The more evolved expression of Taurus is calm, comfortable, stable and abundant. Everything needed is provided. Nothing is lacking. Thus the peaceful cow is a much better representation of Taurus than the aggressive bull.

In many ancient religions the cow was a symbol of the Divine Mother. The Cow Goddess was revered in ancient Egypt and is still considered holy in Hinduism. I began receiving intuitive guidance about Taurus and the Sacred Cow in 2021, which was the Chinese Year of the Ox. The Celts saw a connection between the goddess Brigid and the cow, and in the Lakota tradition White Buffalo Calf Woman is highly regarded for bringing the seven sacred rites to the people. According to Lakota prophecy, White Buffalo Calf Woman will return when the sacred pipe is in the care of the 19th generation keeper of the pipe. That time has arrived. 

Now let’s connect the dots between Taurus the Cow, Mother Earth, the Divine Mother and the astrology of the Taurus Solar Eclipse. Ready? Here we go…

First let’s review the themes of Taurus. Taurus is associated with the cow as well as with Mother Earth, physical substance and sustenance, and our physical bodies.

Next let’s look at the guiding planet of Taurus, which is Venus. Right now Venus is in Pisces. That means that Taurus the Cow and everything that is related with Taurus is under the influence of the Piscean qualities of Unconditional Love, Oneness, Forgiveness and Compassion.

Pisces relates to Christ Consciousness and Venus relates to the Divine Feminine. When you put all of that together you’ve got Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness guiding our current experience of everything that is in physical form, including the Earth Herself.

The Taurus Cow becomes sacred once again, and Mother Earth is respected as holy ground.

Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness (Venus in Pisces) is the guiding influence on the Taurus Solar Eclipse. Green Tara, Quan Yin and Mother Mary all emanate Christ Consciousness (also called “Compassionate Consciousness” “Unity Consciousness” or “Buddha Consciousness”). You can call on these unconditionally loving Divine Feminine beings to be present with you as you move through the eclipse portal.

You’re being invited to make big changes that will support your evolutionary growth, and the invitation comes with profound tenderness and love from the Divine Mother.

There’s one more piece to fit into this astrological puzzle… Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is considered The Awakener. It helps liberate human consciousness from the belief in limitation, lack, fear and separation. Just like the Solar Eclipse is being guided by a compassionate Divine Feminine energy, so too is the lightning-like alchemical force of Uranus. You’re getting a wake up whack in the most loving way possible. Because Uranus is in Taurus, this awakening energy affects physical matter, Mother Earth, and our physical bodies.

Although the current astrology shows me the potential for our awakening and the restoration of the sacredness of Mother Earth, there are moments when I feel discouraged. I sometimes wonder if humanity can evolve quickly enough to bring the potential of heaven on earth into manifestation. In one of those dark moments the other day, I received a message…

“Regardless of how the world looks, keep on loving.
Love Mother Earth with all your heart.
Listen to Her, honor Her, and hold Her sacred

To understand how this eclipse may affect you personally, read next post.