Taurus Lunar Eclipse 2021

As I was cutting chunks of apple for my oatmeal this morning, sweet memories of my grandfather came drifting into my mind. My grandfather had a deep love for nature. His African Violets bloomed profusely and he whittled soft wood into small animals. He’d gift me with primitive carved squirrels, birds and horses.

Looking out through my five-year-old eyes, Grandpa became a magician as he made a show just for me. He took an apple and sliced it. But they weren’t the ordinary apple wedges that my mother made. Grandpa sliced across the core of the apple to reveal a beautiful five-pointed star. I was surprised and delighted! Sixty years later, I now treasure that special moment of shared love, magic and wonder.

I learned more than sacred geometry at my grandparent’s kitchen table. I also learned a powerful lesson about money. My grandparents gave me my first piggy bank and five shiny pennies to slide into the slot. Along with the pennies came a lesson that resonates through me to this day… “Money needs to be saved.”  Their words were invested with the power of our ancestors. In that moment, my ancestors’ values hopes and fears about money and security were activated in me.

How to save money can be a good lesson for children to learn but what I was taught carried a lot of old baggage with it. The wisdom of saving for a rainy day was tainted with a deeply rooted fear that there is not enough. Oh, maybe there’s enough in this moment, but there may not be enough in the future.  And if there’s not enough, we won’t survive.

The piggy-bank lesson at Grandma and Grandpa’s kitchen table was reinforced throughout my childhood by my parents. “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” my father seemed fond of saying. My mother would challenge me whenever I came home with a small treasure from Woolworth’s Five and Dime “Why did you buy that? You don’t really need it.”  I learned to pinch every penny, put it in the piggy bank, and hold on tightly. Silently, unconsciously, I chanted the mantras passed down through my family lineage: Money is hard to get. Be frugal. Don’t indulge your desires. Worry about the future. Save don’t spend. Security is insecure.
Sitting at my own table in present time, eating oatmeal with chunks of apple, I sense the Taurus Lunar Eclipse casting both its shadow and its light upon me. The eclipse is casting both shadow and light upon you, too. While my money story may or may not resonate with your money story, you surely have some kind of relationship with the things that Taurus is concerned with… your resources, money, self-worth, your values and sense of security and stability.

The Taurus Lunar Eclipse is calling us to dispel the shadows of old patterns, dysfunctional systems and false beliefs that have kept humanity locked in lack-consciousness. Humanity is being called to evolve our values and ways of relating to resources so that all may thrive and no one needs to fear for their basic survival.

We’re also being called to up-level our sense of security and stability. Uranus in Taurus is shaking things up and reminding us that we can’t base our security on material things. Ultimately, the piggy bank can’t save us. Consider the lilies of the field… We are sustained by the Love of God.

Like my grandfather, Taurus is joyously connected to Mother Nature and has a love for all things beautiful. The light that shines forth from the Taurus Lunar Eclipse awakens your senses. Spend time in nature and appreciate the peace and stillness that abounds there. Enjoy the colors, textures, smells and sounds. Anchor yourself in the safety of the moment as you feel your connection with the core of the Earth. Join the birds in singing. Dance with the nature spirits. Give thanks to Great Spirit, Creator, God/Goddess. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership. In this moment, there is enough and all is well. In each moment, you are lovingly held in the arms of the Divine and all is well.
Taurus and Scorpio in Focus (Fall 2021-All of 2022)

Taurus concerns about resources, sufficiency, security, stability, survival and sustainability will be in focus for the next year and a half. All of the eclipses in 2022 will be in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, presenting us with abundant opportunities to take a big evolutionary leap forward and a deep dive into transformation.

How are you/we sharing resources (or not)? Are you valuing yourself and feeling valued by others? Can you let go into deep intimacy? Can you experience True Security, which is spiritually- rather than materially-based? What needs to die? What is being reborn or birthed for the first time? What is True Abundance?

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Venus and the Five-Pointed Star
 As the planet Venus and the Earth orbit around the Sun, they do a dance that marks out a five-pointed star. The sacred geometry lesson I received from Grandpa and the apple showed me how Venus’ star shows up in nature. Interestingly, Venus is the planet that guides the sign of Taurus, and Taurus is the sign of the zodiac that’s associated with the beauty of nature. Have you ever noticed that five-pointed stars show up a lot in nature?

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