How will the Taurus Solar Eclipse affect you personally? That depends on how it aligns with your birth chart.

Here are some themes that the Taurus Solar Eclipse may bring to your awareness in order to catalyze your soul’s evolution…

1) Security: What have you been basing your sense of security on? The eclipse may be calling you to uplevel your sense of security so that you can anchor into something that cannot be lost, shaken or taken away from you. I call that “spiritual security”. You may find it helpful to strengthen your spiritual practices. Click here for a helpful lesson from A Course in Miracles.

2) Self-worth: What have you been basing your sense of your own value or worthiness on? You may find it helpful to uplevel your self-worth by appreciating the value of your authentic self and your true essence as a child of God/Goddess.

3) Inner Calm: Times of instability and uncertainty may reveal the need to uplevel your ability to settle your nervous system and cultivate inner peace. Some practices that may be helpful are meditation, chanting, conscious breathing, yoga, dance, martial arts and grounding techniques. Enjoy getting out of your head and being in your body. Spend quality time in nature.

4) Abundance: Uplevel your awareness of abundance as an aspect of who and what you are rather than some “thing” outside of you that you are trying to get. Open yourself to the flow of giving and receiving. Abundance is your birthright.

5) Connecting with the Divine Mother: Uplift your relationship with the Divine Mother by cultivating your connection with Mother Earth. Spend time with nature every day, even if that’s simply talking to your houseplants. 

Honor and appreciate your personal piece of Mother Earth, your body. Allow yourself to enjoy the pleasures of all of your senses. Embrace your sensuality.

Re-mother yourself by listening closely to the needs of your body and emotions and by responding to those needs with loving care, moment-to-moment. Look yourself in the eyes (in the mirror) and talk to yourself with kindness, compassion and encouragement.  Click here for a deep look at how patriarchy has severed us from the Divine Mother and how we can reconnect with Her.

To understand why I refer to this as the “Holy Cow” eclipse, read previous post.