Virgo Full Moon 3/18/22

The Virgo Full Moon is the perfect time to take a look at how you’re doing with your boundaries… energetic boundaries, emotional boundaries, physical boundaries, and practical boundaries. That’s because Virgo gives you the ability to be discerning…

What’s healthy and beneficial for you? What’s toxic or harmful?

Virgo wants to support your health and wholeness and does this by managing what or who comes into your life, your body, and your energy field and what or who gets stopped at the gate. Virgo wants to know what you’re eating, who you’re hanging out with, and how much of other people’s “stuff” you’re absorbing without being aware.

At this particular Virgo Full Moon it’s especially important to keep tabs on the guardians at your gate and make sure they’re doing a good job. That’s because there is an enormous amount of Pisces energy affecting you (and all of us) right now and Pisces can make your vision fuzzy and your boundaries overly permeable. (Click here for more about what’s going on in Pisces)

So how are your guardians doing?

If they are too rigid and controlling, keeping you locked up tight and not letting anything or anyone come into your life, that’s not healthy. For example, if your screening process for finding Mr. or Ms. Right is so stringent that no one can meet your criteria, your fear might block you from the intimacy your heart desires.

If your guardians are too relaxed and constantly telling you, “It’s all good”, that’s not healthy either. For example, if you are overly giving or overly trusting and let people take advantage of you, you can become a door mat. Virgo knows that it’s not ALL good ALL the time.

The “Locked Up Tight” guardians and the “It’s All Good” guardians stand at opposite extremes. So now let’s look at what kind of guardians you DO want protecting your gateway…

Every cell in the human body has a membrane around it. Instead of having a cell wall, like plants do, our cells are bound by what’s called a “selectively permeable membrane.” The functioning of this membrane provides a great model for healthy boundary-setting. The membrane (pictured below) is intelligent and able to discern what kinds of substances are healthy for the cell and what things are unhealthy.

Little gateways in the membrane can open and close as needed… opening to let in the “good” and closing to keep out the “bad”. The membrane is not an impenetrable wall that keeps everything out, nor is it a completely permeable membrane that lets anything and everything flow into the cell.

So how can you enlist effective guardians to help you be “selectively permeable”?

Virgo holds the answers…

* Keep your feet on the ground. Be practical and realistic.

* Keep your eyes open and see things clearly.

* Try things out and see how it goes. You can always re-adjust your boundaries.

* If someone consistently disrespects your needs or oversteps your boundaries, change the form of the relationship. Forgiveness doesn’t require that you forget.

* If you’re feeling overwhelmed energetically, emotionally or physically, you’ve become too permeable. Get grounded and tighten up your boundaries.

* If your boundaries are too tight, you may feel anxious, rigid, or afraid of losing control or falling apart. Relax, breathe, get a massage, spend time in nature, practice letting go and letting God.