Confused and questioning soul wondering which way to go

Are You Ready To Respond To Your Soul’s Calling?

Need Clarity? Want Support?

Do you sense something calling you from within? It may be a subtle whisper or a blaring alarm…

Calling you to…

  • Discover your soul purpose
  • Align your life and career with your highest vision
  • Heal old patterns and clear out the blocks
  • Create a loving, fulfilling relationship
  • Awaken to your True Self

Soul Map Coaching Helps You Answer the Call of Your Soul

Your Soul Map provides clarity about your unique genius and soul purpose. Your map PLUS coaching helps you to move forward in alignment with your soul’s highest intentions.

Soul Mapping Package

Soul Mapping Process

Explore your soul journey and see the big picture of where you’ve come from and where you’re going. This unique process of soul discovery provides insights and inspirations for the creation of your personalized Soul Map. You’ll be on your way to fulfilling your mission possible when you use your Soul Map to guide you.

Soul Clearing Package

Soul Clearing Process

Dive deep into this transformational process and clear out the entrenched old patterns and false beliefs that have been holding you back. Tame your Inner Critic and cultivate self-compassion.   When your inner obstacles have dissolved, you gain access to your unique gifts and are ready to step into your passionate purpose.

Soul Awakening Package

Soul Awakening Process

We are at a stage in human evolution where awakening is no longer an individual process. As you awaken to your True Nature you also awaken and activate your unique contribution to the new humanity and New Earth. The Soul Awakening Process helps you create an action plan aligned with your soul intentions and gives you the courage and confidence to step into the new.

One hour soul coaching session

Soul Coaching

A single, one-hour Soul Coaching Session gets to the heart of the matter and empowers your next evolutionary step. Discover what your soul is calling you to understand, resolve, or transform right now. Receive guidance and support for moving forward with clarity.

Relationship Coaching Package

Relationship Coaching

If you’d like support with a relationship that’s out of balance, conflicted, or confused, or you’re in a great relationship and want to experience deeper intimacy and mutual awakening, Relationship Coaching will help you evolve your relationship in ways that create more balance, harmony, joy, and fulfillment. When you and your partner have your Soul Maps the process of relationship coaching is enhanced because you’ll both understand what sets off the triggers and gets you stuck and you’ll learn how to help each other get back in the flow so the relation-ship can have smooth sailing.

Pressing Issue? Need Direction?

Receive guidance and support for moving forward with clarity
in a 1-hour Soul Coaching Session.