Relationship Coaching Process

The Relationship Coaching Process reveals the higher purpose and soul contracts that brought you together and guides you into greater alignment with that purpose. Discover how to create the intimacy, harmony, joy, and fulfillment your hearts long for. Learn how your relationship can be a spiritual path to mutual awakening and co-creation.

The Relationship Coaching Process has two phases: Relationship Mapping and Relationship Coaching. The Mapping process provides powerful insights into your soul connection and shows how to navigate through the rough spots and bridge your differences. Relationship Coaching Sessions support the two of you to apply the information and insights gained from your soul maps so you can experience profound healing, transformation, and spiritual awakening in your relationship.

Relationship Mapping

Relationship Mapping includes:

  • Two Soul Remembrance Conversations (2 one-hour calls, recorded as Mp3)
  • Soul Maps (for each partner)
  • Synergy Session (1 hour call, recorded as Mp3) 

Benefits of Relationship Mapping:

  • Understand each other’s Soul Maps
  • Increase acceptance and compassion
  • Identify differences and triggers
  • Amplify harmonious aspects
  • See how your souls can best work together for your mutual support, healing, transformation, and awakening.
  • Relationship Mapping Process 499

Want Your Maps?

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching includes:

  • Six 1-hour transformational sessions
  • Learn the WE-Sphere Practice
  • Video calls (recordings available)
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Homework optional

Relationship Coaching Benefits:

  • Improves communication
  • Cultivates emotional safety and trust
  • Deepens intimacy
  • Re-ignites passion
  • Expands acceptance and appreciation
  • Promotes mutual awakening and co-creation
  • Relationship Coaching Process 719

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