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What is Soul Astrology?

The wisdom found within your Celestial Intelligence Reports (your astrology charts) informs every type of offering provided here on I specialize in Soul Astrology, which is also called Evolutionary Astrology. This work focuses on the evolutionary journey of your soul within this lifetime and also provides information about some of your other lifetimes.

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Your birth chart illuminates the new directions and new ways of being that your soul longs to experience. It also sheds light on the old entrenched patterns you carry from the past. You know those patterns that repeat over and over throughout your life…those issues that never seem to resolve no matter how much you work on them?  Soul-centered astrology can help you understand the roots of those patterns and point you toward your liberation. 

Your chart also helps you see your innate strengths… your beauty, power, passion, and potential. You are a unique constellation of energies…an individualized expression of God/Spirit/All That Is. You are a perfect conduit through which the light and love of the Divine can radiate into the world. Your birth chart reveals your Divine Design and Soul Purpose so you can embody and express the highest intentions of your soul and share your gifts.

I’m gifted with the ability to translate the information from your Celestial Intelligence Report into plain English so that it’s easy to understand and remember. The insights I share come from the artful integration of my my intuitive gifts with my expertise in Soul Astrology. There’s no need for you to have any prior knowledge of astrology.

Astrology Readings

Soul Path and Purpose (New clients)

Know Thyself! A comprehensive look at your birth chart will give you a thorough understanding of your evolutionary journey including your soul purpose and major soul lessons. Understanding your soul lessons will help you work through the old baggage that is getting in your way and help you claim your unique gifts, which are designed to help you move forward in greater alignment with your soul purpose. (90-minutes. Recorded. Click here to book now: 175)

The Power of Now (Returning clients)

What soul lessons are most “up” for you, right now? How are you working with the challenges that are arising? What choices and opportunities are being presented? In which direction is your soul encouraging you to move? What might be getting in the way or keeping you stuck? We’ll use your current transits to clarify the answers to these questions. (One hour. Recorded. Click here to book now: 160)

Child’s Chart (Newborn through 12 years)

Understand the soul intentions of a significant child in your life. Emphasis is on the child’s gifts and potential and what you can do to support their soul journey. This can be a wonderful gift to the parents of a newborn! (One hour. Recorded. Click here to book now: 100)

Parent/Child Relationship

Clarify the dynamics between you and your child (any age including adult children) and understand the soul lessons you’ve agreed to work on together. This information can help you be more accepting and compassionate, create healthy boundaries, support your child’s journey, and see how the relationship also supports your growth and evolution. (One hour. Recorded. Click here to book now: 199)

Couple’s Relationship

We’ll look at your Synastry and Composite charts to clarify the dynamics between you and your partner and understand the soul lessons you’ve agreed to work on together. This information can help you be more accepting and compassionate, draw on your strengths, work together to resolve challenges, and support each other’s evolution.

In every relationship there are ways in which the two people’s energies flow together easily and harmoniously. There are other ways in which their energies are very different. The differences can lead to discomfort, conflict, or misunderstandings.  In a relationship consult you’ll learn some strategies for bridging the gaps more gracefully.

The synastry chart illuminates both the harmonious and challenging dynamics between the two of you. The composite chart is the chart of the relationship itself, which is like a third entity.  It reveals why your two souls have come together… the soul purpose of your relationship. (Two hours. Recorded. Click here to book now: 299)

Pressing Issue? Need Direction?

Receive guidance and support for moving forward with clarity
in a 1-hour Soul Coaching Session.