The Soul Awakening Process

  • Are you ready to use your many gifts in service to the evolution of humanity?
  • Are you ready to play the unique role that only you can play as a co-creator of the New Earth?

Birthing the Divine Human is the next stage of human evolution. It’s totally new on the planet! We can all use support for this profound transformational process, which calls for unprecedented levels of self-compassion, integration, love, forgiveness, and the embrace of What Is.

Together we’ll clarify what you want to bring forth from the infinite field of possibilities and create a plan for manifesting that vision for the good of the Whole. You’ll learn how to navigate through life with a new compass…thinking with your heart, trusting your guidance, calling on the support of your ancestors, spiritual helpers, Mother Earth, and the Creator. You’ll practice embracing ALL of your feelings and moving yourself back into the flow if you get stuck. You’ll deepen your dedication to uphold the web of life and to serve thriving life, love, and light on this planet. Through this process, you’ll bring your life into balance and experience the profound joy, inner peace, freedom, and fulfillment that comes from living as a Divine Human.

Soul Awakening includes:

  • Six 1-hour transformational sessions
  • Video or phone calls (recordings available)
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Homework optional

Benefits of Soul Awakening:

  • Create action plan aligned with soul intentions
  • Embody and express higher frequencies of your soul
  • Develop courage and confidence to step into the new
  • Ground spiritual practice in daily life
  • Receive encouragement and accountability
  • Emerge as Divine Human
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Ready to Awaken?

Pressing Issue? Need Direction?

Receive guidance and support for moving forward with clarity
in a 1-hour Soul Coaching Session.