Soul Coaching (Single Sessions)

In a one-hour session of Soul Coaching we’ll focus on the question or concern that’s calling for your attention right now. I’ll share insights from your Celestial Intelligence Report that will help you see your current situation in the larger context of your soul work. What’s arising is not happening to you, it’s happening for you…to catalyze your healing, growth and evolution. We’ll get to work clearing the most immediate obstacle so you can move forward with clarity and soul-alignment.

If you are new to working with me, a Soul Coaching session can serve as a powerful introduction. It can help you decide if you want to explore your soul path more deeply and activate your gifts and soul purpose through the Soul Mapping Process. Or you may find that having a Soul Coaching session every now and then is just what you need.

If you have completed Soul Mapping, Soul Clearing, or Soul Awakening you may want to do some Soul Coaching to keep going with the soul work you’ve set in motion. If you’re feeling stuck, confused, or need support you can book a one-hour Soul Coaching session at any time and get back in the flow.

  • Soul Coaching Session (1 hour) 150

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Receive guidance and support for moving forward with clarity
in a 1-hour Soul Coaching Session.