Why are you here?
Do you believe you have a purpose
          …but don’t know what the heck it is?
Want to make some changes but
Feel stuck, frustrated, confused?
Afraid to follow your heart?
Afraid you can’t fulfill your mission?

Soul Purpose Revelation is a sacred process of co-creation.

Magic happens when your soul’s genius and mine come together with the intention of revealing and activating your Soul Purpose. More than a conversation or consultation, the process of Soul Purpose Revelation is more like a creative ceremony. We call upon the presence, support and wisdom of the unseen… your guides, angels, and non-physical teachers, Mama Gaia and the energies of the elements and the celestial sphere.

This profound and fascinating process draws on a variety of ways of knowing…

  • Deep inquiry taps your inner wisdom.
  • Your Celestial Intelligence Report* provides insights about your Divine Design.
  • Words and images organize themselves into a unique mandala.

Aligning with your soul’s highest intentions gives you greater access to your soul’s energy and guidance as you move forward in your life. You’ll also have greater access to the wealth of resources and gifts that reside within you. Your soul designed you with everything you need to be about your mission. Your Soul Purpose Revelation will expand your vision of what’s possible and strengthen your confidence that you can fulfill your purpose. As you share your gifts with the world you’ll feel your heart sing and your soul will say “Thank you for hearing and responding to my call.”

You are warmly invited to co-create your Soul Purpose Revelation. (Flexible timing…up to 2 hours. Recorded. Click here to book now 285)

*Celestial Intelligence Report is another name for your birth chart. Astrological insights are explained in plain English that you can easily understand and remember.

Pressing Issue? Need Direction?

Receive guidance and support for moving forward with clarity
in a 1-hour Soul Coaching Session.