Be Care-Full

Summer Solstice 2021: Sun in Cancer

What do you feel when you look at these pictures? Do you have an “Awww” feeling? Does your heart feel tender and open up a smidge wider? Do you want to reach out, pick them up and cudde them?

The instinct to hold, nurture, care for, and protect children and young animals is the kind of care that the Summer Solstice is inviting you to be full of. It’s about unconditional love, being sensitive to emotional needs, nourishing body and soul, embracing all feelings with acceptance, and offering comfort and support.

I’m guessing you’re probably pretty good at being care-full with your kids, your pets, your friends, and your partner(s). How are you at being care-full with yourself? Are you listening to the moment to moment needs of your body? Are you giving your body what it’s asking for? Do you sometimes over-ride the messages from you body? What nourishment does it need? …healthy yummy food, sensual touch, more exercise, more dancing, more rest? Really listen to your body’s signals.

What about your emotional needs? Do you know what they are? Are you able to ask friends and loved ones for emotional support? Can you be vulnerable enough to ask for help and let it in? Are you comfortable with your own tears? Are you able to nurture and comfort yourself? Do you know where your boundaries are and do you let other people know?

I’ve been practicing being more care-full toward myself over the past couple of months and it’s a beautiful spiritual practice… a practice of self-love in the subtlest of ways as well as the more obvious ways. I often call on the Divine Mother to help me, comfort me, guide me, and protect me. If I notice that I’m being unkind toward myself by evaluating and criticizing myself for not measuring up to my ideal image, I’ll ask myself, “What would the Divine Mother say?”

Remember those bracelets that were popular several years ago… WWJD… “What would Jesus do?”. My bracelet says WWDMS… “What would Divine Mother say?”

At this tender time when the Sun moves into the heart-centered sign of Cancer, I hope you will open your heart toward yourself… open it deeper and wider than ever before. Giving and receiving love starts at home… with yourself. Be good to your Inner Kitten or Inner Puppy!

Treat yourself with exquisite care.

Your commitment to self-love will naturally ripple out and touch the people around you and bring more love into this thirsty world.

Thank you for being care-full with yourself.