I could tell you all about the astrology of Eris square Pluto but everything you need to know is right in front of your eyes. Eris is making her presence known through every angry protestor shattering windows, smashing police cars, and setting cities ablaze. I’ve heard mayors and governors say that the protests have gone beyond being about George Floyd and they are correct. This is about more than George Floyd. This is about confronting the debilitating systemic chronic disease that we’ve all been living with and that we very well may all die from… the crippling sickness of the power-over paradigm.

We used to think it was normal. We learned to live with it because it seemed we had no choice. We were born into it, indoctrinated into it, hypnotized into it. Of course there’s racism. Of course there’s war. Of course there’s violence against women. Of course people who don’t conform to norms of sexuality or gender are harassed. Of course there’s poverty. Of course there’s injustice. Of course the Earth is exploited for Her resources. Of course we poison our food with pesticides and herbicides. Of course we need to take pharmaceuticals. Of course, of course, of course!

We numbed by consuming mindlessly, gobbling up material possessions, sex, pornography, alcohol, drugs, sugar. We distracted ourselves with bright shiny entertainment, watching sports, movies, TV, YouTube, facebook, video games. Even the news became toxic entertainment by feeding us drama and trauma that desensitized us to what was really happening. We did our best to escape the pain of the disease because healing seemed impossible.

Now the pain is inescapable, undeniable. The boils are erupting. Our collective fever is peaking. Our rage is uncontrollable, our grief inconsolable.

Eris is lashing out, and although I don’t condone the violence I have to admit that it feels cathartic.

Eris is letting us know that we don’t have to take it anymore. We don’t need to submit. We don’t need to go silent and numb. We don’t need to collude with the oppressors. She is telling us to stand up, step up, and speak up. She shouts, “Don’t give up your freedom! Don’t give away your power! Don’t let humanity go extinct!”

Let us demand justice for George Floyd and all of the black men and women lynched, imprisoned, brutalized or killed by police, and denied a place at the table of power and prosperity. Let us demand justice for all people, everywhere. Let us demand justice for the earth, the air, the animals, and the water.

Let us claim our sovereignty and take back our power and use it to save our humanity.