Summer was coming to a close and Grandmother Spider knew it was time to weave a web for the Council of Reparation and Wholeness. In the dark hours before dawn on the day of the Virgo New Moon, the velvety black sky was sprinkled with stars. Looking up, Grandmother Spider saw the constellation Pisces swimming through the vast cosmic sea, parting the veils between dimensions.

Emerging from the unseen depths, Dolphin arrived leaping and splashing with joy. He bowed to Grandmother Spider and said, “Thank you for inviting me to the Council. Who else will be joining us?”

Grandmother Spider bowed in return and motioned for Dolphin to take his place on the Council web. Before she could answer his question, Eagle came soaring into view, spiraling down from high above. The majestic bird dipped a wing in greeting and cried out, “I bring tidings and blessings from distant lands and horizons beyond the known.” Eagle touched down with a graceful landing and perched in her place on the Council web.

Next to arrive was Ms. Butterfly. She drifted lightly through the air and came to rest on a sunny yellow flower that served as her seat on the web.

Butterfly sat in the East facing Eagle in the West. Dolphin was in the North across from Grandmother Spider in the South. With all four Council members seated, they were ready to begin.

“Thank you for your presence at this Council of Reparation and Wholeness,” said Grandmother Spider. “As you know, the humans are struggling to remember their interconnectedness within the Web of Wholeness and Oneness. They’ve divided and fragmented themselves using a myriad of excuses… skin color, nationality, culture, religion, caste, class, abilities… the list goes on and on! They argue and fight over who is right and who is worthy. Power and resources are wielded as weapons of control. Not only do they separate themselves from each other, but they’ve detached themselves from Mama Gaia, treating her like a commodity and a garbage dump.”

Grandmother paused and took a deep breath… “We are here today, at this Council of Reparation and Wholeness, to bring light and healing to the humans. Our intention is to help them remember Unity and repair the damage they’ve done to one another and Mother Earth. Each of you carries a special medicine that is essential to this process of healing and whole-ing.”

 Then Grandmother addressed Dolphin, “You who swim deep in the cosmic sea of Oneness and Divine Love, what medicine do you bring for the two-leggeds?”

Dolphin stood tall on the tip of his tail and proclaimed, “I bring a song of awakening, a balm of forgiveness, and miraculous threads of Unconditional Love that will re-weave what was ripped apart by the belief in separation.”  Dolphin then shared his awakening song…

“Love is waking up. Love is waking up. These are the times. We are the ones. We are ready. We are ready… Love is waking up!” (Listen to the song here)

Butterfly flapped her wings in acknowledgement of Dolphin’s Oneness Medicine. The Council members leaned in and listened closely as Butterfly began speaking very softly, “Allow me to share my Storyteller Medicine. I carry a library full of humanity’s stories… horror stories from thousands of years of slumber in density and unconsciousness… stories of abuse of power, injustice, and trauma… stories to be forgiven but not forgotten. I also carry a treasure trove of wisdom from the ancestors and enlightened ones. Inspiring new stories are unfolding, too… tales of limitless beauty, peace, freedom, and joy… stories of the Divine Human!”

Butterfly spread her blessing on the wind… “May the minds of humans be open like parachutes and inquisitive like Curious George. May they listen well, entertain fresh ideas, and remember to lighten up!” Then she looked across to Eagle and humbly asked him about his medicine, “You fly so much higher and travel so much farther than I. What medicine do you bring from your journeys?”

“I offer clear vision and Big Picture Medicine,” answered Eagle, his piercing eyes flashing sparks of golden light. “I bless them with the ability to see through each others’ eyes and respect each others’ perspectives. My medicine helps them see the uplifting truth of unity and diversity. May they delight in the infinite variety within their human family and know they are One.”

“Big Picture Medicine also helps them see that the systems they live by… political, economic, and social systems… have caused terrible harm. May these sick systems be dismantled and replaced with regenerative systems for the good of the whole,” Eagle declared with conviction.

Being a masterful Weaver of Wholeness, Grandmother Spider had been strengthening and reworking the strands of the web while the others were sharing their medicines. She had picked up Dolphin’s threads of Unconditional Love and Oneness and wove those together with Butterfly’s uplifting Stories of a New Humanity. Inspired by Eagle’s Big Picture Vision, Grandmother Spider created an intricate mandala representing humanity as one global family. Every fiber of the web was infused with their blessings so that it had become a tapestry of shimmering light that radiated love.

The Council had completed its task and Grandmother Spider closed the circle with a call to humanity, “We invite you to join us in the Web of Reparation and Wholeness.  Come sit with your relatives and take in this potent medicine. Welcome all of your rejected and banished parts to come back home… the outcasts and the oppressors, those who dominate & control and those who feel powerless & afraid. No one can be left out if you are to be whole. Come and heal your wounds, together.”

The call to wholeness was heard by the many that were weary of living in separation. They understood that healing and reparation would take time and diligence. They were willing to do the work. They were willing to become bridges. They were willing to embrace all of their fragmented parts. They were willing to expect miracles.

Grandmother Spider bowed deeply in respect for the humans’ dedication to this sacred work. Dolphin smiled with gratitude for their loving hearts. Butterfly cheered for their open minds and Eagle spread her wings to welcome even more humans to join in the healing and whole-ing.