Scorpio is the most intense, deep, and transformational sign of the zodiac. The power of this Scorpio New Moon is amplified by the close presence of Jupiter and Venus. Expansive Jupiter will be in Scorpio for about a year, giving us plenty of opportunities to explore the realms of sexuality, death and rebirth, psychological and emotional healing, and transformation. As Venus takes her annual dive into the Scorpionic underworld, we learn about the power of deep intimacy to heal the most profound wounds in our psyches. Like a snake shedding its old skin, you can trust the process of sloughing off what’s no longer needed so that you can grow into your next, more-evolved and more empowered form. That’s the purpose of trans-form-ation!

Let’s take a look at what’s being stirred up and processed in the Scorpionic stew. First we’ll consider what it means to have a New Moon and a new beginning with the energies of Scorpio. Then we’ll reflect on Venus in Scorpio and how that relates to the myth of Persephone. We’ll wrap it all up within Jupiter’s limitless embrace.

To harvest the potential of this new beginning, you need to understand the two sides of Scorpio: the less-evolved side and the more-evolved side. The less-evolved Scorpio can be expressed and experienced in the following ways: abuse of power and/or resources, domination, traumatization, sexual assault, secrets, deep psychological and emotional wounding, and fear of intimacy. The more-evolved Scorpio wisely and compassionately uses its tremendous power for healing and transformation. No longer afraid of intimacy, the more-evolved Scorpio is open to deep exchanges and interpenetration with trustworthy partners. Emotionally safe intimate experiences can heal old wounds and help both partners become more whole, more empowered, better resourced, and more highly conscious.

Here, at the Scorpio New Moon, the Universe asks you to choose: Which side of Scorpio do you wish to express? If you’re in need of healing and transformation, there are many paths, practices, and facilitators that can assist you. You might take a healing journey through psychotherapy, past-life regression, Voice Dialogue, Feeding Your Demons, or a somatic approach to trauma therapy. Transformational practices include shamanic journeying, Holotropic breathwork, working with plant medicine, Taoist  sexual practices, or trance dancing. Many of the Scorpionic resources available to us come from indigenous cultures, which tend to be wiser in the ways of initiation and altered states of consciousness.

Now let’s turn our attention to the transformation of Persephone, who’s story resonates with the themes of Venus in Scorpio. Persephone was an innocent young maiden who was abducted by Hades (aka Pluto), raped, and forced to live in the underworld. We can focus on her trauma and victimization, or we can look beneath the surface of the story and delve into the mystery of transformation. How was Persephone the maiden transformed into the powerful Queen of the Underworld?

In her passage from maiden to queen, parts of her had to die and fall away. She shed the naiveté, gullibility, and powerlessness of a child and became a strong, resilient and resourceful woman. She was initiated (albeit through the less-evolved Scorpio) into the realm of sexuality. Through the deep exchange of energies with Pluto, she became empowered. Each Spring she comes back up to the Earth and everything blooms again. She learned to trust the cycles of the seasons and gained the ability to draw wisdom from the unseen realms. Although Persephone went through dark and traumatic experiences, she rose up like the phoenix. 

Note: When drawing parallels between myth and our current reality it’s important not to get them confused. Rape is never ok. I would never wish sexual trauma or any form of trauma on anyone. The value of Persephone’s myth is in showing us how the journey of descent can lead to re-emergence and rebirth. If you have experienced sexual assault, I’m very sorry that happened to you. I hope you’ll reach out for support and find healers who can assist you. Call the National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673 or contact the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network.

The transformation from wounded victim to compassionate and powerful healer is supported by Venus in Scorpio. Some Venus in Scorpio roles are the sexual healer, intimacy coach, trauma therapist, or shaman. Deeply intimate, meaningful, and mysterious connections thrill the soul of Venus in Scorpio!

Now we turn our gaze to see enormous Jupiter expanding and deepening the Scorpio energies. Jupiter knows no limits, so it’s important to create balance even as you follow your passion and embrace your power. Find ways to play safely as you explore the uncharted depths. Honor your emotional boundaries. Ask for help when needed and share power lovingly.

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