“Jupiter and Neptune Swim with the Fishes”

The themes in the story “You Can’t Take It with You” are the themes of the Pisces New Moon. But wait, there’s more! While the Sun and Moon align in Pisces at the New Moon (3/2/22), we also have Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. With each passing day Jupiter is getting closer and closer to an exact alignment with Neptune. That means that the energy of Pisces (the sign of the fish) is flooding in and rising up like a huge, slow wave that touches every person on the planet.

Pisces is a subtle yet powerful watery energy that can dissolve things. It assists in the process of leting go and letting God. Pisces can also dissolve and wash away old patterns that have bound you to the past, especially when you combine the compassion and forgiveness of Pisces with deep transformational process work (South Node in Scorpio). 

Watch your step… Don’t fall into the traps of the shadow side of Pisces… spiritual bypassing, self-deception, wishy-washy boundaries, feeling like a victim or martyr, escapism or addictions.

With this New Moon we enter a potentially life-changing six-week period in which Pisces will be more influential than ever before (in this lifetime). On April 12, 2022 Jupiter (the planet of expansion, openings and new possibilities) will align with Neptune (the planet of compassion, forgiveness, trust, intuition and Unconditional Love). The last time this alignment occured was 1856. So this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime passage.

Not only is this a rare alignment, but it comes at a time when we are at a profound turning point in the evolution of humanity. Both Pisces and its guiding planet Neptune assist us to experience the Divine attributes of Unconditional Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Oneness. Because they can dissolve the ego’s sense of being separate from God, separate from each other, and separate from nature, Pisces and Neptune help us flow into union with All That Is.

Jesus was born at the beginning of the Age of Pisces and he lived an example life, showing us how to embody Christ-Consciousness. He was the Piscean way-shower. Maybe now, as we move into the Age of Aquarius, we’re finally ready to follow his example. Click here for “A Journey Into the Unknown” a recently channeled teaching from Jesus on living as your Christ Self.

What’s going to happen in the next six weeks? Will there be a mass awakening? Wow, wouldn’t that be amazing?!? But I kinda doubt that all of humanity has worked through its old baggage. The spectre of war is quite intense right now.

My hope lies in each heart that has a little willingness to expand its capacity to love… a little willingness to forgive… a little willingess to join in peace and harmony.

May a tsunami of Unconditional Love awaken the hearts of billions of people.

May peace prevail on Earth.