Scorpio New Moon and Taurus Lunar Eclipse

Take a breath.
Take another breath and release it with a sound… a sigh, an “ahhhh”, a groan, or a loud yell.
As you sit, invite your shoulders to relax or get up and shake your hands vigorously.
Then rest a hand over your heart-center.
Breathe slowly into your heart for three calming breaths. 

One more breath and here we go…

I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s a lot of shift hitting the fan. Shift, disruption, chaos, instability, crises, loss, uncertainty… Humanity and the Earth are moving through unfathomable radical changes. Although it may feel extremely uncomfortable, if you can zoom out to a cosmic perspective you will see that it’s not happening to us. It’s happening for us. The old paradigm needs to die, and something completely new is being birthed.

Death and rebirth are classic Scorpio themes. Yet the death and rebirth humanity is in the midst of is so vast, profound and far-reaching that it goes way beyond the influence of the Scorpio New Moon. Astrologically we’ve been getting the message since January 2020 that all of our social, political and economic structures need to be transformed because they are based on a distorted and dysfunctional thought-system… a thought-system that teaches that we are separate… separate from the Divine, from each other, from Nature, and from essential aspects of ourselves. It also conditions us to believe that there is not enough and we are not enough. In the separation thought-system, power and privilege are reserved for those at the top of the socio-economic-political hierarchy. This old paradigm needs to die.

Many of the ills of the rotten old paradigm are related to how we acquire, use and share (or don’t share) resources. Consider the ways that Mother Earth’s resources are ripped from Her body, wasted, and turned into toxins. All kinds of resources, including financial resources, are consumed, hoarded and controlled by the wealthy while others barely scrape by. Those in control of the most resources wield the most power. While the poorest fear for their survival, the wealthiest are afraid of losing what they have. Everyone is afraid and everyone loses.

The Scorpio New Moon reveals what’s in the deepest darkest shadows of humanity’s psyche and invites us to claim our true power, the power of love, so we can transform our world into a place where all may thrive.

Ok, take another breath… return again to hand over heart… draw three slow breaths into your heart space.

Two weeks after the New moon, we have a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus bringing in themes of stability, security, sufficiency*, and sustainability. Taurus wants us to have enough and know that we are enough. Taurus connects us with the support and nurturance of Mother Earth and encourages us to feel grounded, comfortable, well-resourced and at peace. But there’s a cosmic monkey-wrench thrown into the upcoming eclipse… Uranus in Taurus has upset the stability of the old normal. Like Scorpio, Uranus is calling for transformation. There’s no way that the old paradigm can provide lasting security and peace because it is unloving, unfair and unsustainable. The old must die.

Remember, the transformations are not being done to us. They are for us. You’re getting an upgrade to your security system. You didn’t know you have a security system? Well, it’s not some high tech gizmo on your house and it’s not your Social Security check… It’s your relationship with the Divine/God/Higher Power. Most of us base our security on material things. But all material things are subject to change. All material things will eventually pass away.

The only place to find lasting security and peace is in your spiritual identity and the awareness of your unshakeable connection with the Divine. The Divine is never-changing and will always sustain you. I won’t tell you how to define God or how to go about your spiritual path and practices, but I will say that attending to your spiritual life is no longer optional. If you want to feel truly stable, secure and at peace, your spiritual life must become a priority.

If you want to experience a feeling of “enough” … knowing that you truly have enough, that you are enough, and that you are safe no matter what… you will need to stop focusing on disruptions to the supply chain. Cultivate your relationship with the ultimate source of supply… Source with a capital “S”.

Following the Scorpio New Moon and Taurus Lunar Eclipse, we’ll have several more eclipses in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio over the next 18 months. This period will offer many opportunities to see what is or isn’t working in your relationship to resources, money, and power (Scorpio). You’ll also have many opportunities to root more deeply into spiritual security, renew your relationship with Mother Earth, befriend your body, learn how to ground yourself and return again and again to a place of Inner Peace (Taurus).

While the radical shifts we’re going through may feel intense and unsettling, remember that we are being called to let go of the old and familiar so we can move through a massive transformation. Through the power of love, we have the potential to birth a new humanity and a new earth.

Once again, take a breath… place hand over heart… enjoy three slow breaths into your heart space.
Linger a few moments in calm and peace. Choose to return often to your Inner Peace.

*What is Sufficiency?
 “We each have the choice in any setting to step back and let go of the mind-set of scarcity. Once we let go of scarcity, we discover the surprising truth of sufficiency. By sufficiency, I don’t mean a quantity of anything. Sufficiency isn’t two steps up from poverty or one step short of abundance. It isn’t a measure of barely enough or more than enough. Sufficiency isn’t an amount at all. It is an experience, a context we generate, a declaration, a knowing that there is enough, and that we are enough…

…When we let go of the chase for more, and consciously examine and experience the resources we already have, we discover our resources are deeper than we knew or imagined. In the nourishment of our attention, our assets expand and grow.”The Surprising Truth of Sufficiency, Lynne Twist