Now that I live in a place where the landscape and natural beauty make my soul sing, I see that inspiration is an essential part of my daily life.  It is food for my soul.  Just like I need to eat yummy, nutritious meals every day, I also need my daily dose of inspiration. It nourishes me at the deepest level and expands my sense of what I am.  It’s like taking in a deep breath of fresh air, and feeling your lungs and chest expand.  It’s the “Ahhh” and the “Mmm” and the “Aha!”

As I hike the trails near my house, I sense that every rock has a message for my soul, if only I have ears to hear. I’m reminded of a lyric in the musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, “The rocks and stones themselves will start to sing…”

So, I listen.  Some I pick up for closer communion.  Some go in my pack and ride home with me. Most remain firmly in place and continue their timeless, solid support of the chain of life around them.

The beauty, mystery, and ancient stories of the rocks, boulders, and cliffs speak to me in a language I yearn to understand.  Each rock holds magic…a hidden potential power.  “What are you saying?”

One little rock, dark and unobtrusive, called to me.  As I picked it up, I noticed a small band of pink on the water-smoothed stone.  Suddenly, a burst of love surged through my heart.  Somehow, this small stone seemed to carry the very essence of this mountain that I love so dearly.  That little one walked home with me, caressed lovingly in my hand.

the el salto stone

I admit it…I’m a rock lover!

What inspires you and feeds your soul?

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  1. While reading this article,I remember my past tour around our himalayas.I was sleeping inside the cave and at night while I came out from cave and it was like crazy world of big rocks and I was just afraid at the begining.They wanted to talk with me they wanted to share their stories.

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