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I started to get the call sometime last spring.  It was around the time of the eclipses, in April and May of 2013.  The eclipses, in Taurus and Scorpio, were impacting my North and South Nodes, as well as my Taurus Moon.  As an astrologer, I knew that big changes were afoot, and I knew which aspects of my life might be up for an evolutionary renovation, but I didn’t  know the details of how it would manifest.

With one of the eclipses directly on my Moon, it seemed to be a good time to do some healing work with my ancestral line.  I chose a beautiful Beech tree as the place to lay an altar for my ancestors.  Each time I sat by the altar and spoke with my Grandmothers of generations past, I felt an urge to connect more deeply with the energies and spirits of nature.  I sensed invisible portals in the natural world that I wanted to be able to move through.  Perhaps I would uncover new levels of understanding life and Spirit.  I wanted to learn how to navigate in those realms.Beech tree

To support that calling to relate with nature in a more multi-dimensional way, I began reading a book by Bill Plotkin, called “Soul Craft”.  The first section of the book talks about how there are times in our lives when we get a call from our souls, prompting us to move deeper into our soul work.  Each time I opened the book and read a bit more about this process of “getting the call” I would ask myself, “Is what I’m sensing a call?”

Here I was, in a sweet, loving and committed relationship….something I’d longed for my whole life…yet I felt an intense desire to be alone…to be with nature….to be with silence…to follow my own rhythm through the day. Yes, we had some challenges between us, as every couple does, and maybe they could have been worked through.  But as I searched my heart, as seriously and thoroughly as I could, all I could find was an irresistible urge to fly solo.

Sensing myself on the verge of a whole new phase of life, I wanted total freedom to respond to this soul call and discover who, or what, I was morphing into.

Yes, it was a call from my soul!

How did I know?  Because it was so strong it felt irresistible.  Because every time I checked in with my gut, my personal “truth meter”, my direction was clear.  I needed to move forward by myself.

It was ironic, because in my work as a relationship coach, I spent a lot of time asking others, “What’s your heart’s desire?”  Now, the discovery of my own heart’s desire took me by surprise.  It was the desire to be on my own, to hear and follow the moment by moment urgings of this soul call.

It was a difficult decision to unravel the life I had co-created with my partner…dissolving our intimate partnership, moving out of our home, saying good bye to our dog, and undoing the links between our businesses.  It also foreshadowed a shift in my work.

Suddenly the niche of Relationship Coaching felt too narrow for me.  I felt inspired to broaden my work beyond the realm of intimate relationships and attend to the Call of the Soul.  It is through hearing and following that call that we can be true to our authentic selves, in all aspects of life.  That’s where we find our power, our joy, and our fulfillment.

On this late fall afternoon, 6 months after the spring eclipses, I write this from a beautiful home in Taos, NM.  I’m warm and cozy, as clouds descend on Taos Mountain, shrouding it from view.  Inside the house, I’m embraced by the sound of silence.  Then, the rhythm of rain, drumming on the roof.


How did I get here?  My soul brought me here!


8 responses to “The Call of My Soul
  1. Sweet to read dear sister…a calling of life…beauty to hear, allow and follow…the ‘unknown’ welcoming it and trusting you will be cared for. I love you and honor your journey.

  2. Oh Sajit,
    This is beautifully clear, heart rending and lovely to see your knowingness lead you to your self.
    Glad you landed in the magical place you are in.
    Sending you bundles of energetic roses.
    Bev in Denver

  3. Beautiful, soulful declaration of loving independence and the co-created journey, still un-forming, unfolding, unwinding, and true. Bravo, my sister, Bravo!

  4. Dear Sajit – You have helped me immensely with my own soul call, and of course you would lead by example in heeding your own. You are very inspiring, and the courage which you have shown to follow your soul’s call is already being rewarded. I know that could not have been easy; however, I feel the peace in your life – you are one with your soul and life. Bless you!

  5. Dear Sajit, Thank you for sharing! I think of you often with deep fondness, gratitude, and hope for your future! Beautiful! Peace and love!

  6. That is a very special place in this world. This is a very important time in your life. I have felt this call also recently, however, ironically for me, the demands and call to devote to family and others in need of healing is stronger. Am trying to find that self healing, in the midst of tremendous responsibility at this time. You are in my heart thoughts, my friend! And I am there vicariously. Your path is contributing to hope . . .

  7. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring as I too am experiencing something very similar. Transitions are scary, exciting and profound on the ‘journey’! Enjoy! Love, Inez

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