Soul Purpose…

It may not be what you think…

Let’s clear up some common misunderstandings about your Soul Purpose.

In our patriarchal culture there’s a high value placed on “doing”… being productive, taking action in the world, being a leader, achieving status and success, and always striving for more… to be more, do more, and have more. There’s nothing wrong with “doing”. There are a lot of great things that arise from that activating focus, but patriarchal culture tends to take “doingness” to an extreme. If we think about life being a harmonious dance of yin and yang, we can see that the yang qualities of “doing” work best when they are in balance with the yin qualities of “being”.

What does that have to do with Soul Purpose? When the idea that everyone has a Soul Purpose became popularized it also got confused with the patriarchal values of “doingness”. Many people think of Soul Purpose as something that they are compelled to do… a particular action, a goal, or worldly endeavor. For example, Soul Purpose is often thought of as being the same thing as career. For some people it’s true that their career is a very significant aspect of their Soul Purpose, but that’s not true for everyone.

Each person’s Soul Purpose is unique, yet each of us is here to do the same thing… You are here to gift the world with love and open your heart to receive love. What’s unique to you is the form in which you express love, the areas of life where your Soul Purpose shows up most strongly, and the specific lessons in love that you are learning. Maybe you give love through the work you do even if it’s not readily apparent how that work is a gift of love. Maybe you demonstrate tough-love and set limits with those who need that kind of love. Maybe you spread sunshine when you smile at strangers. Maybe you’re not able to care for yourself and are giving others the opportunity to express love, care and compassion toward you. Maybe you’re a messenger of love through writing books or talking with your friends. Maybe you’re in the streets fighting for justice. Maybe you’re not doing anything that can be seen with the eyes. Maybe you’re simply being and radiating compassion and peace. Maybe you’re here to learn to love yourself.

The ways of giving and receiving love are infinite. Expressions of love can be soft and gentle or fierce and firm… active and outward or receptive and inward… tangible or intangible. This may sound vague, wishy washy or woo woo but your Soul Purpose is actually very specific and significant. Of course we each have many ways that we give and receive love, but your Soul Purpose is your unique way of focusing your energies, learning your lessons, and making a contribution that serves the good of the whole… even if it doesn’t look like what you think of as “love”… even if it doesn’t seem “important” by worldly standards.

Your Soul Purpose is multi-faceted, nuanced, and complex. It’s more like a constellation of energies and points of focus rather than a single solitary pinnacle you are trying to climb. While your purpose already exists within you, ready to unfold like a divinely planted seed, you also have a lot of freedom in choosing how you want to embody and express it. You may find that your purpose calls for active outward expression that produces clear results. But your purpose may be more subtle and non-goal-oriented. Most likely your Divine Design calls for a combination of “doing” and “being” that gives you a sense of soul-satisfaction.

During different phases of your life your Soul Purpose can look different. There’s a flexibility to it; it evolves and grows with you. Think about how an acorn contains the future oak tree in all of its stages of development, from seedling to sapling to vigorous young tree to ancient sheltering oak. Life is rich with opportunities to express your Soul Purpose and it’s never too late.

When you clearly see your Soul Purpose you may wonder, “Can I really do this or be this?” Yes you can! You were perfectly designed for your own Mission Possible. When you align with your Soul Purpose and dedicate yourself to it, you’ll feel the support of the Universe behind you. You’ll discover a wealth of inner resources already waiting inside you. Your purpose will inspire you, and your confidence and certainty about your purpose will grow with experience.

I invite you to discover the richness of your multi-dimensional soul purpose. It will satisfy more than just your curiosity. The world needs you and the world is waiting for your gift.