tree in fog


I am not my body.  I am not my personality.

 I am Oneness.  Unlimited.  Vast.  Spacious.  Beyond time.

Beyond words.

Flowing with the love of God.  Expressing the power of creation.

The small “me” arises as a wave in the ocean of One.

And dissolves into One.

I Am.



 When the small “me” forgets

And dreams a dream of separateness

Soon comes the thought:

Someone did the other wrong

Then grievances collect like souvenirs

Piles of blame

Loads of guilt

Yet when we look again and see

The separate me’s unreality

The one who harmed and

The one who’s hurt

Both dissolve




trees in snow


Don’t try to trust

Don’t put your trust

Outside you

Know trust as your nature

You are the One

Seeing the perfect tapestry of what is

Each thread in place


One response to “Pisces New Moon: Dissolving into One
  1. Thank you beautiful lady! Tell me when you are coming into Boulder. We will get together with Wayno. Love to you 😉 and thank you for your beautiful contribution to the world!

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