A Fairy Tale for the Pisces Full Moon conjunct Neptune

Many moons ago, a young herbalist was travelling  the world studying medicinal plants. One day she was hiking high in the mountains of China, when suddenly a huge dragon appeared in the sky. Its golden eyes were brimming with tears, and a thick mist filled the air around it. Just moments before the sun had been shining brightly in a dazzling clear blue sky. But now everything was becoming foggy.

The traveling herbalist was not afraid. She knew that dragons carry tremendous power and can bring good luck. “Is something wrong?” she asked, “Maybe I can help.”

“My heart is broken,” sobbed the dragon, “My beloved partner has disappeared.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. What happened?” asked the young woman. She didn’t mean to be nosey, but she was a good problem-solver and had a knack for fixing things that were broken.

“I thought they loved me but now they’re gone, and so is the magic ring my mother gave me when I was just a wyrmling.”

The traveler was confused. “They? What do you mean?” she asked, “And what’s a wyrmling?”

“A wyrmling is a young dragon. When I was 10 years old my mother gave me a very rare and powerful ring that has been in my family for 500 generations. To answer your other question, I refer to my missing partner as they because they are non-binary. So am I,” dragon explained patiently.

“Where did they go? Do you think they took your ring?” asked the young woman.

“I don’t know where they went but I’m pretty sure they stole my ring. I’m such a fool! They never were what they seemed to be.”

“Do you mean they weren’t really a dragon?”

“Oh, they were a dragon alright. We were both really good at shape-shifting. One minute I’d look like a dragon, the next minute I’d be an elephant or lion or maybe a whale. You know how clouds can change their shapes and look like all kinds of different things. Dragons can be like clouds, and we like to play games in the clouds. We were always playing hide-and-seek, and that was a lot of fun. But the other thing I was always seeking was their love, and that was no fun at all. They pretended to love me, but I was really just a trophy-dragon to them… someone to show off to their friends,” the dragon said, weeping.

“Forgive me for overstepping my bounds, but your lost partner doesn’t sound like someone you really want to find… They lied to you. They stole from you. What other red flags do you need?”

“Oh that’s not all!” cried the dragon, “They’d spend all day getting drunk on magic potions instead of doing our very important dragon work.”

“What kind of dragon work do you do?” the young woman asked.

“We teach kids to use their imagination and never stop believing in magic. Kids see all kinds of stuff that grown-ups block out. We help kids talk to their spirit guides and teach them to trust their intuition. We want them to keep their mystical eyes open,” the dragon shared with pride, “We work with their parents, too. We help them dissolve the junk they’ve been holding onto… the grievances… the blaming and shaming. We teach forgiveness and compassion.”

“That is such beautiful and powerful work. Thank you for serving humanity in that way,” said the traveler, “Maybe you can forgive your lost partner and also let them go because they’re not good for you… forgive and release.”

“You’re a wise woman,” said the dragon, “I need to forgive myself first… forgive myself for letting myself be fooled. Then I need to forgive them for deceiving me. And yes, I choose to let them go. Truth is, they’re already gone. I know I’ve still got some grief that needs to move through me but that’s ok. Grief flows out from love and eventually carries you back to love.”

Wiping  their eyes and shifting their energy, the dragon said, “Talking to you has been so helpful. I feel much clearer. Thank you. Now, is there some way that I can help you?”

“Funny you should ask,” said the young traveler with a smile, “I’m looking for medicinal herbs. I’ve been told there are plants up here in the mountains that have been used for hundreds of years by Chinese healers. Yesterday I lost my plant identification guide. It must have fallen out of my backpack. Can you help me learn about the wild herbs growing around here?”

“I’m sorry I don’t know anything about the plants you’re looking for, but I can help you tune in to your intuition and listen for guidance,” the dragon replied.

“Look over there. There’s a little flower growing in the rocks. I wonder what it is.” The young herbalist pointed to a pale yellow bell-shaped blossom nodding in the breeze.

The dragon asked the woman to close her eyes, guided her in some slow relaxation breaths and had her send a grounding cord into the earth. Then dragon said, “Ask your herbal medicine guides to help you. Clear your mind of your own thoughts and allow your guides to give you a word, an image, or sensations that will help you learn something about this flower.”

She followed the dragon’s instructions. After she cleared her mind, she waited patiently for a message from her guides. Then, she saw two images… first, a man coughing… then, a woman digging up the root of this plant.  She excitedly opened her eyes and asked the dragon, “Do you think the root of this plant is used for coughs?”

“Don’t ask me. Ask your herbal guides,” dragon replied.

She closed her eyes and quieted her mind again. She asked her guides for more information about the flower. This time she saw a little scene, like a movie playing inside her head. Again she saw the man coughing and the woman digging up the root of the plant in question. In the next scenes the woman boiled the root and then dried it. The final scene showed the woman giving the man a tea made from the dried root. After he drank it, he stopped coughing.

“Wow! It seems pretty clear that the root of this plant is used for lung problems. But just to be sure, I’m going to take a picture of the plant and show it to someone I know back in the village who is a master herbalist. Thank you so much for encouraging me to listen to my guides. It seems they have a lot to teach me!” said the traveler.

The dragon bowed humbly and said, “You and I have different ways of seeing things… different ways of knowing. You see very clearly on the 3D level. You know how to be discerning and set boundaries. I see Oneness and know how to be compassionate and forgiving. Together, we make a perfect team. Your work is about health and wholeness, and mine is about Oneness and holiness. Both are essential.”

“That’s so true!” exclaimed the young woman, “I hope we can continue to share our gifts with each other. Even though I’ll be leaving China in a few weeks, I trust that we’ll always be able to communicate, no matter where I am on the planet.”

The dragon smiled a mischievous smile and blew away the foggy mist. Then a magical wind swept the young woman up onto the dragon’s back.

“Let’s go for a ride,” said dragon.

The young woman wanted to hold on tight but there was nothing solid to hold onto.

“The best way to hold on is to let go,” said the dragon laughing.

And off they flew into the brilliant blue sky.

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