Healing, Empowering and Awakening

Soul Map Coaching is a dynamic process that unfolds in accordance with your unique soul needs. A variety of tools and techniques are used to support your journey of empowerment, healing, transformation, and awakening.

Assessment Tool:

Celestial Intelligence Report

The Soul Mapping Process is informed by Soul Astrology (aka Evolutionary Astrology) which serves as an effective assessment tool, showing where you are in your soul’s journey and where you want to go. I am gifted with a special ability to translate the information in your Celestial Intelligence Report into plain English so that it’s easy to understand and remember. The insights I share come from the artful integration of my expertise in Soul Astrology and my intuition. There’s no need for you to have any prior knowledge of, nor interest in, astrology.

Used in Soul Coaching Session, Emerge-n-See, Soul Mapping, and Relationship Mapping

Transformational Tools:

The deep transformational processes of Soul Clearing, Soul Awakening and Soul Relationship Coaching are activated by the following tools and practices:

Voice Dialogue

We all have a whole chorus of voices within us. Voice Dialogue helps you become more aware of the “inner voices” or “inner characters” that make up your chorus. Some of these voices tend to dominate while others have been pushed down, silenced, or ignored. For example, you might have a very strong Inner Critic that always tells you what’s wrong with you, but your Magical Inner Child may not be allowed to come out and play.

Each of the inner voices has its own set of needs, feelings, thoughts, energies, and gifts to share. All voices are honored and embraced as essential to the whole. Voice Dialogue empowers you to choose who’s out front and who needs to take a back seat. Most of us can benefit from cultivating an inner support team, which might include your Inner Coach, the Self-Compassionate voice, and the voice of Trust.

Used in Soul Clearing, Soul Awakening, Soul Coaching Sessions, and Relationship Coaching

Feeding Your Demons

You may ask, “Why would I want to feed my demons? Don’t I want to get rid of them?” When you try to get rid of your demons (inner obstacles) they hold on more tightly. What you resist persists. These seemingly menacing monsters dissolve when you feed them what they really need. “Feeding Your Demons” is based on an ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your demons fade away once properly fed.  When the feeding process is complete, you meet with a powerful ally who is ready to assist you. Your ally becomes part of your spiritual support team that you can call on at any time.

Used in Soul Clearing and Soul Coaching Sessions

Somatic Resourcing

The somatic (physical) level of experience is a tremendous resource for deepening awareness, freeing emotional energy, reducing stress, cultivating presence, and living more comfortably in your body. When you’re in your head you can get trapped by your story about the past or worries about the future. But the body is always in the present and that’s where your safety and power are located. Your body keeps you grounded, calm, and connected with your heart.

Somatic work encourages you to “listen” to your breath and body sensations. You can thus access the healing wisdom of your body. Body sensations can serve as your “Truth Meter”…letting you know when you’re in (or out) of alignment with your truth. When you follow the subtle impulses in your body, they lead to authentic expression of your feelings. Somatic resourcing may incorporate practices such as Authentic Movement, Qi Gong, pranayama, relaxation techniques, and expressive movement.

Used in Soul Clearing, Soul Awakening, and Soul Coaching Sessions

The Work of Byron Katie

“The Work” is an elegant and practical tool for investigating the thoughts, beliefs, and judgments that create distress in your life and relationships. The process involves four simple yet profound questions that inquire into the truth of your thinking. You may be surprised to discover all the ways your beliefs and judgments impact you and your relationships.

The process starts by looking at your thoughts, yet it takes you beyond the level of mind to create profound shifts on the energetic and emotional levels. For couples, this is a valuable tool that can clear away the judgments and blame that are at the root of your frustration, anger and resentments. This work can be truly liberating, opening us to live and love with radical acceptance of “What is”.

Used in Soul Clearing, Soul Coaching Sessions and Relationship Coaching

WE-Sphere Practice

Humanity is moving beyond the era of solo spiritual practice. Awakening is about the experience of Oneness and that happens most powerfully in relationships. The WE-Sphere Practice helps to evolve your relationships to a higher frequency of love, and that love naturally radiates out to touch and elevate humanity as a whole. This simple partner practice increases your awareness of the WE-Sphere, the loving consciousness that embraces the two of you, strengthens your bond, and wakes you up to Divine Union. In this experience of union, the sense of separation falls away, your soul is able to express its higher potentials, and you begin to access a shared consciousness. Unconditional Love, deep trust, and profound connection flow from this practice.

Used in Relationship Coaching

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