To those who are acting out the power-over paradigm… those who are run by fear, hatred, greed and a need for control…

Your time is up. Your program is outdated. You know not what you do while the program is running you.

We are breaking the chain of tyranny and abuse. The light has come. The darkness reveals its pain and fear. Fear’s driving force is being cut off at the root. Perfect Love casts out fear. It cannot continue.

All inquisitors, interrogators, and witch hunters, go home. Go home to your hearts and be healed. There is enough forgiveness to enfold you.

All torturers and executioners go home. Go home to your hearts and be healed. There is enough forgiveness, love and compassion to wash you clean.

All abusers, dominators, and persecutors, seek healing in the all-loving, all-forgiving, all-compassionate embrace of our Mother who is here with us.

You’ve made a mistake. You’ve been part of a chain of abuse. You’ve been controlled by a program. The program is NOT who you truly are.

Your True Christ Self, your True Compassionate Self is already holy and wholly accomplished within you. Hear the call to remember and awaken. Hear and heed Love’s call.

You are forgiven.

You are Love. You are loved. You are loving.

Find and remove all blocks to the awareness of that Love that flows to you and through you.

The halls of injustice are closed.

Go home.
Go home.
Go home to Love.