Aquarius wants to express itself with authenticity and doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. It doesn’t need anyone’s approval or applause. Aquarius just lets her freak flag fly! But it may not be that easy to let your authentic self out of the closet. You might not be in touch with your authentic self, or you may not feel safe to fully express it.

The old paradigm valued conformity, and those of us who didn’t fit in were often cast out. Being the outsider can be painful and even frightening because we humans need connection and a sense of belonging to be able to thrive.

If you’ve felt like a misfit or an outcast, healing that pain, letting go of that identity, and having the courage to fully shine your light will be an important part of your liberation process.

We’ve all sacrificed our authentic selves, to some extent, to feel safe, loved, and included. We’ve been conditioned to believe there’s something inherently wrong with us… that we’re somehow broken and need fixing. We’ve been conditioned to hold back our truth and disown our power so as not to rock the boat. We’ve been conditioned NOT to feel or express our feelings. We’ve been numbed out and distracted so as not to cause too much trouble or feel too much pain.

To liberate our authentic selves, we need to release ourselves from that conditioning, rediscover our True Nature, and heal into wholeness. Liberation is a process not a product, and it takes time. That means we need to be patient, kind and forgiving toward ourselves and each other as we move through the liberation process.

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