And that’s a good thing!

A Story for the Pisces New Moon and the Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

“I’m sorry but you can’t take those bags with you,” said The Guide.

“But they’ve been with me forever. They’re part of me. Look…” The Traveller leaned down and unzipped one of the bags. It was stuffed with old photos, journals, notebooks, cassette tapes and CD’s.

The Guide caught a glimpse of a journal labeled “Miscellaneous Trauma. Not Resolved”. There was a photo of a man standing next to a car. It was captioned, “The Asshole I Married”. Scrawled across the front of a small notebook were the words: “Notes to Self: Everything That’s Wrong with Me”.

“Wow, that’s some heavy stuff,” The Guide said with compassion, “What’s in the other bag?”

The Traveller barked at The Guide, “You don’t want to see what’s in there!”

She quickly grabbed the bag and held it tightly to her chest. “There’s a lot of dark shit in there. Nobody gets to look at that. I don’t even look at it. In fact, I’ve done everything possible to get rid of this bag of shit… I buried it. I threw it in a dumpster. I flung it into the ocean. But somehow it always shows up again. So I have to carry it but there’s no way I’m gonna open it up and show you what’s in there.”

“I understand,” said The Guide, “You’re not the only one. Everyone who wants to pass through this gateway is carrying some baggage that won’t fit through the portal. Everybody’s got some gnarly old stuff that’s unresolved, unhealed, unfinished, unlovable or unforgivable. Nobody really wants this kind of baggage, but everybody’s got some. Like I said before, you can’t take it with you… and that’s a good thing.”

“So what do you want me to do?” asked The Traveller with an edge of frustration in her voice.

“What do you want to do? That’s the real question.” The Guide looked deeply into her eyes, seeing all the way through to her heart.

“I just want to get through this gateway and get past all of the old pain, the F-ed up relationships, the wars, the guilt, the shame… I don’t want to deal with the crappy stuff in these bags. I hear that on the other side of this portal it’s all love. That’s what I want,” she said longingly.

“It sounds to me like you want the bypass route,” said The Guide, “You can go that way if you want to. The bypass is just over there, to your right. You can take your baggage with you on the bypass route, no problem. Zip those bags up real tight and they’ll become invisible… at least for awhile. But the truth is that the bypass route will never get you through the passage to Unconditional Love.”

“So how do I get to Unconditional Love? I want to go now! I’m tired of living in the land of fear,” she cried.

“You must be willing to go through everything in your bags. Everything,” said The Guide, “But look with a new kind of seeing… Look upon everything in your past with compassion. Look at yourself with compassion. Forgive yourself. Forgive everyone that you’re holding a grievance against. Forgive the world. Harm is done by those who’ve been harmed. Fear is perpetrated by those who are afraid. Everyone here has experienced trauma. Living in a world of separation and fear is traumatizing.”

“Oh yeah, just forgive everybody… Yeah right! But it’s not that easy. I don’t think I can do it. Look how long I’ve been carrying this shit around… for lifetimes!” she wailed.

“It may not be easy, but it is essential. I mean, if you want to truly release those bulky bags and move through this passageway, you’ll need to lay down your weapons… the weapons of blame, attack and guilt, and the armor of defensiveness, shame, and denial. These are the things held in the arsenal of every human mind that is asleep and dreaming of a world of fear and separation. This is what must be let go.”

“That’s a pretty tall order,” she laughed, “You really think I can do it?”

“I know you can do it because it’s seeded within you. You might not be aware of that seed, right now, but you’ll see it more clearly and feel it more strongly as you let go of some of that old baggage,” The Guide responded.

“And now is the time! You have a tremendous amount of support right now. The planet is being flooded with a tsunami of Unconditional Love. The collective mental-sphere is being inundated with Truth teachings. Just check out YouTube! Even your body and the body of Mother Earth are vibrating at a higher frequency. Everything in the Universe is conspiring for your healing and awakening.”

“The next question is, are you willing to look inside your bags? Are you willing to heal and release what’s been stuffed inside?” asked The Guide.

“Ummm, am I willing?… Ummm, I’m not sure. I feel some resistance… and a lot of doubt,” replied The Traveller.

“Let me put it this way,” said The Guide, “Are you willing to receive help? There are all kinds of beings, both physical and invisible, that are just waiting to assist you. They’re ready when you are. All you need is a little willingness. Your itsy bitsy little willingness creates an opening that allows the limitless Love, Wisdom and Power of God to move through your life.”

“Yes,” said the Traveller, “I have a little willingness and I’m going to ask for a lot of help!”

“A little willingness and a lot of help… That’s a good mantra!” The Guide responded. “Now can I shed some light on a few other things that might be in your bags silently screaming for help?”

The Traveller responded with hesitance, “I’m not sure I’m ready to look but… ok, I’ve got a little willingness.”

“Like everybody else you’ve got some dusty old beliefs that you’re a victim of this or that. You’re not a victim of the world you see. That’s one of the stickiest, trickiest false beliefs that humans cling to. Most people need help to unravel that one. Do you have a little willingness to do the undoing?”

“Yes,” said The Traveller, “I have a little willingness and I’m going to ask for a lot of help.”

“Great!” replied The Guide, “Now are you ready to peek at one more compartment inside your old baggage? There are some things in there that have been tucked away, but nevertheless they’re fogging up your vision.”

“I have a little willingness,” said The Traveller with a smile.

“All of the little and big ways that you try to escape from uncomfortable feelings… by distracting yourself, numbing out, or pretending that you don’t feel what you feel or don’t know what you know… Those things are veiling your awareness. If you want to see clearly and be the radiant light that you’re here to be, you need to pull back those veils. Feel ALL of your feelings, embrace them with compassion and understanding. Inquire into the thoughts and false beliefs that distress you. Discover what’s really true.”

“And ask for help, right?” The Traveller interrupted.

“Yes! Exactly! You don’t have to do this alone. Reach out and ask for support. Find someone to help you heal your trauma. You can process all the way through any fear, anger or anguish and arrive back on the shores of Love. Remember that you are loved. You are innocent. You are Love Itself. You are here on the planet at this pivotal time to embody Christ Consciousness… the consciousness of being both human and Divine… the consciousness of being in union with God and all of creation. And yes you can!”

“Do you have a little willingness?” asked The Guide.

“Yes, I do!” answered The Traveller.

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