Co-Create Your Soul Map!

The Soul Mapping Process takes you through four steps that illuminate the path of your soul journey in this lifetime and lead to the creation of your beautiful Soul Map. Get your soul’s plan in a form that the Winds of Forgetting can never blow away.

Step 1: Soul Remembrance Conversation

(90 minute call; Recorded as Mp3)

Together we will re-awaken your soul’s memory of the plan you created before you were born. Your Celestial Intelligence Report helps guide our exploration.

Reveal Your Divine Design:

  • Soul Purpose: See the full spectrum of possibilities
  • Innate Gifts: Reclaim the old and discover the new
  • Core Issues and Old Baggage: Understand what you’re here to resolve

Step 2: Soul Discovery Worksheet

This self-guided worksheet clarifies your soul’s gifts & old baggage and helps track your soul journey.

Step 3: Soul Discovery Journal

Reflect on what you’ve learned in the first two steps of the Soul Mapping Process by following the prompts in these three illustrated journal pages.

Integrate Your Insights:

  • Claim your passionate purpose…Mission Possible!
  • Choose the gifts you’re ready to activate
  • Prioritize what needs to be cleared   

Step 4: Soul Map and Soul Map Guide

(Plus a 30-minute call)

Your unique Soul Map is created based on the insights gathered during the Soul Mapping Process. Your Soul Map Guide explains how to use your Soul Map.

Receive and Discuss Your Map:

  • Soul Map and Soul Map Guide arrive in your mailbox
  • Discuss tips for using your Soul Map
  • Consider next steps: Soul Clearing and Soul Awakening  

What’s a Soul Map?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your Soul Map is a powerful reminder of the lessons you’re here to learn, the unique genius you’re here to share, and what you want to create in alignment with your soul’s intentions. Clearly see the currents that keep you flowing and the places where you get bogged down. When you get stuck, your map will help guide you back into the flow.

Your beautiful Soul Map is created specifically for you with vibrant colors, symbolic imagery, and carefully chosen words that resonate with your mind, heart, and soul. Laminated and ready to hang or frame. Size: 11″ x 5″.

  • Soul Mapping Process 485

Want Your Map?

Pressing Issue? Need Direction?

Receive guidance and support for moving forward with clarity
in a 1-hour Soul Coaching Session.